VPN at Coffee Shops!

UntitledI’m a huge proponent of coffee shops, especially when I get out of class in the middle of the afternoon and don’t feel like holing up in the library for the rest of the night. Going to a coffee shop makes me feel like I’m out and about and still being productive. Plus, the Wi-Fi at these places is usually superb.

Recently, I’ve been frequenting a particular place about ten minutes away from my apartment, but yesterday I ran into some trouble when a website I needed to use for my sports psychology paper was blocked by the network. I politely asked the people around me if they were experiencing similar connection problems, and a younger girl filled me in on VPN.

VPN, or Virtual Private Network, essentially allows the user to operate under a disguised IP address. In other words, applying VPN to my laptop means I could technically being surfing the web under a IP address associated with Japan, as opposed to the address affiliated with the coffee shop.

Immediately, my problem was solved – I was able to access the site I needed because the coffee shop’s network was irrelevant to my new IP address. I’m astounded at the usefulness of VPN, and I’ll continue to use Virtual Private Network, even if I’m surfing normal sites. The other thing about VPN is that is gives you total privacy with regards to your web activity. Not only can I access whatever part of the web I want, but also I don’t have to worry about anyone finding out about it. Read http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/hidemyass/http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/private-internet-access-pia-vpn/and http://www.vpnmag.co.uk/.

My coffee shops days are far from over, especially since I now have possess the VPN secret. I think everyone should be made aware of VPN, because everyone deserves to find the information they need on the Internet, without sacrificing any privacy. Go VPN!