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The Solution to your Slow Internet Surfing

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 I am so sick of slow Internet! I lived through the dial-up days and I don’t want to do it again. I use a VPN service because I am uncomfortable with sites like Google tracking all my searches and logging my passwords. It just doesn’t seem safe and as a grad student I don’t have time to deal with any scams. All I wanted was a fast way to search the web that would expose me to unwanted hacks.

After some research I wanted to share what I found to be the fastest VPN providers that one of them is Private Internet Access reviewed here. For those of you who aren’t tech-savvy, the speed of these VPN providers is measured in three different ways:

Latency: this is the time between asking your server for data and it popping up on the screen

Download Speed: this is pretty obvious – technically it’s the megabits per second you’re getting

Upload Speed: how many megabits per second you get while uploading

vpn speed

So, taking these into consideration, I found that IPVanish is the fastest. Latency is what make it seem like our Internet is taking forever and IPVanish definitely was super fast. I finished my research for a huge school project in what seemed like half the time of the slow servers I was using before.

The IPVanish service comes out to a little over $6 a month which really isn’t much to feel secure and at fast speeds. Like the server speed, the software download speed was super fast and can be installed on multiple computers. I am a student so this price was a no brainer for me when other VPN providers can run up to $40 a month! This is definitely the fastest VPN provider out there, I am so glad that I can finally get my work done with peace of mind!

Or try VPN4All review here that is with more than 35,000 satisfied users enjoying the benefits of 100% secure browsing or IPVanish that is one of the great VPN providers,read a ipvanish review here.