Secure your Android Phone with Android VPNs

I, just like other people, typically reach the coffee shop at the start of the morning to wind down just before work. Additionally, similar to most some people, I’m performing things on my tablet (a Nexus 7) as I’m taking my cup of . Regardless of the fact that I reside in a fairly safe town, I usually concerned about how protected my tablet was once i connected with the coffee shop’s network. I ve got a wide range of my banking data saved on it, and started concerned about how easy it may be for somebody to find that important information within the network I was connected to.

Android-SecuritySome time ago, I began using a VPN app from Hideman throughout my morning coffee routine. It had helpful reviews one particular the Play Store, and yes it also integrated five hours of free service weekly prior to charging me. It was ideal for me, as the five hour cushion was just about the precise match for the timeframe I really needed to use it,  you can also view reviews of other VPN service providers here vpn reviews and test.

Each and every time I open the app they provide me a selection of several servers I am able to connect with, making it simple for me to make use of. An additional bonus is the idea that if I ever go over my free five hours, I can purchase extra access by the hour as a substitute for being required to pay for a large portion of time that I don’t actually need (I’ve had to make this happen a few times, and it’s much more affordable than the need to purchase a month’s worth of use when I only required an extra hour or so that week). For a list of private internet access and their reviews, find out here private internet access 2014 review.

I would have to say that this is the best android VPN out there for people who need it for specific times in their day.  If you need the extra security at the coffee shop or anywhere else that has public wifi, unblock websites, I’d definitely recommend Hideman as the app to use.