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With the number of security breaches happening at major retailers and other information leaks, I am concerned about protecting my personal information over the Internet. Standard connections offer only limited protections because they are not always fully encrypted. Further, when connecting to online banking or other sensitive information online, you have to rely upon the security and encryption of the site. If they have problems maintaining a secure connection, there is a good chance the information can be hacked and obtained easily by others.

Luckily, there was something I could do to increase security and privacy on my own. I discovered virtual private networks, or VPNs. These types of connections allow people to browse the Internet anonymously. It also makes it very difficult for activity to be tracked and monitored.

In addition to these benefits, I had the ability to change my connection location and simulate connections from outside the United States. This feature allowed me to access content normally blocked because I am not browsing from within that country. For instance, if I change my location to the UK, I can watch UK television programs, stream videos, and access other sites without any restrictions.

The hard part was deciding which VPN service to use. I did discover private internet access 2014 review of several companies online at I choose to use HideMyAss to unblock websites because their service included several features for securing my privacy so I did not have to worry about my information being hacked or obtained easily by others. Their plans also included a 30 day money back guarantee so it was risk free to try them.

When selecting a VPN service, I highly recommend reading the vpn reviews and test for yourself to help select the one which offers all of the features, benefits, and options you require.